How Twitter Can Be Used as a Powerful Educational Tool

This article has good examples of the way other educators have used twitter in the classroom across multiple disciplines. In my classroom, I will use Twitter as a means of building a sense of community– this is a once a week commuter course.  Also, I believe this will give my students an easy way to collaborate.

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Guide to Using Twitter in Your Teaching Practice This site has many links to resources to help the implementation of Twitter.

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Here’s my Diigo site–a place to store bookmarks and ideas for online classes.

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Food for thought: 10 Reasons for Taking Online Classes

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How to Use Social Media in Education (Part 2 of 2)

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Christine Poythress’ Music Appreciation Blog

Unlike any other time in human history we are bombarded by music virtually everywhere we go. We hear so much music that sometimes we are only hearing and not listening.  Music educators have coined the term audio thrombosis  to explain the phenomenon.  We hear, yet we can become disconnected from what we are hearing.  It’s rather like driving down the freeway and missing your stop–only realizing miles later that you were hypnotized by the lines of the interstate and the sounds of the cars whizzing by you.  Once, while driving on the 405 in Los Angeles, I was headed for the San Fernando Valley but ended up in Ventura.

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Hello world!

Learning to use Word Press is a big learning curve… I created my own website for acting–  but this is very different.

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